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Tell Us Telephone Answering Service

Alert Monitoring offer a live phone answering service and offer a few options to make this service work for you and your business.

The Alert Monitoring Call Centre offers:

  • 24/7 phone answering services
  • After-hours phone answering
  • Call overflow answering service
  • Live phone answering/ virtual assistant with the option of text, email or call back to the client
  • Location-based intelligence solutions
  • Safeguarding and supporting those working alone

Why chose to use a live phone answering service?

When someone calls your business, instead of some other form of communication (such as an email), they are probably after help or answers right away and might experience frustration if instead of a person, they get an answering machine.

A live phone answering service with Alert Monitoring can operate in a range of circumstances:

After hours phone answering service – our dedicated phone professionals handle calls that your business reviews outside of hours. Calls are simply rerouted to a live professional who can take messages or even forward the call to you or escalate it further.

Call overflow – Like after-hours answering services, call overflow reroutes excess calls during peak periods to our outside team or what they call a ‘virtual receptionist’. Our experienced team then review the call for you and either take a message or forward the call to the appropriate department in your business, based on your business specifications.

24/7 phone answering services – Outside operators handle any volume of incoming calls day and night through the week. This can either supplement in-office receptionists or replace dedicated phone staff entirely, ultimately saving you on HR and equipment costs.

What are the benefits of a live phone answering service vs an automated answering service?

People do business with people, and one of the main benefits to using a ‘virtual receptionist’ or live phone service is that when people make the effort to call, they get a real live human being and don’t end up feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and searching elsewhere to get what they need or the answers they are after. A 24/7 live answering service could see your business retaining patronage and an increase in customer satisfaction with your business.

Location-based intelligence solutions

We offer sophisticated mapping and GPS tracking. Through the Smartrak system, we can provide real-time location-based data to support your business and help it run smoothly every single day. Location-based intelligence solutions can help business owners make decisions, even when they can’t be in the field or near their operations, or with personnel.

Safeguarding and supporting those working alone

We offer a service to help support those who are working alone. You may have service or tradespeople operating in your business at night-time so as not to disrupt general staff at work. Those people may need support if anything should go wrong. We can keep track and offer a point of contact and check in for staff in this situation. This helps to support the safety and welfare of employees. Allowing you to have peace of mind and your business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If you’re interested in what the Tell Us Phone answering service offers, contact us today.

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