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Alarm Monitoring

Alert Monitoring offer manned monitoring to a range of burglar alarm systems across New Zealand from our Dunedin based monitoring centre.

There are two types of monitoring stations – manned and unmanned. Alert Monitoring believe in offering our clients the best in surveillance services, so we only offer manned monitoring.

Manned monitoring and Unmanned monitoring – what’s the difference?

Manned Monitoring

A manned monitoring station, which we at Alert Monitoring offer, means that trained staff are available in our control room watching over your premises 24 hours a day. In the event of an activation, the relevant emergency service is dispatched and, if requested, a guard sent or keyholder notified.

Unmanned Monitoring

In an unmanned station, there is a receiver and computer in a room which relies on a signal being received and sent on to a pocket pager with no human supervision. If you ring for information in the silent hours you could be answered by anybody who happens to be carrying the phone that the number has been diverted to who won't necessarily know who you are or any historical information about you or your business.

Alert Monitoring offer four types of Monitoring and keep up with the latest in technology to ensure our customers are using the latest and most secure technology available.

The three types of Monitoring offered by Alert Monitoring are:

  • Monitoring over your existing phone line using the latest in security hardware: With this method all data (eg: system on/off, alarm condition, user ID, mains fail, battery low etc) is transmitted over the phone line.
  • Permaconn GPRS: Alert Monitoring highly recommend this system as it’s connection requires no phone call charges or lines and delivers high-speed data over the existing GSM infrastructure. Permaconn provides four independent paths from the outstation to the central station, Optus GPRS, Telstra GPRS, IP, and PSTN.
  • Multipath-IP T4000: The versatile and cost-effective T4000 is highly recommended by Alert Monitoring. It offers low-cost security monitoring and modern capabilities such as smartphone apps and Dual 4G and Ethernet alarm transmission paths.

Alert Monitoring are happy to provide a no-obligation free quote and will recommend a monitoring system to work in with you and your business needs.

Our sister company, JB Security, works with the latest in alarm monitoring software and keeps up with the best in security technology. For all your alarm installation needs, visit the JB Security website.

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