Radionet Monitoring

Radionet delivers ultimate peace of mind by ensuring that your burglar alarm system can continue being monitored, even if phone and internet connections are disconnected.

ALERT is Dunedin's only supplier and installer of state-Of-The-Art microprocessor based, control panel and long range transmitter combination. We use the latest VHF Radio Central Station decoder/repeaters that are especially designed for long range radio alarm transmitters. These units can be used as a central station decoder or as a repeater to extend the range of security and other telemetry transmitters.

By using the latest technology we are able to offer a receiver, transmitter, microprocessor controlled decoder, mains power supply and stand-by battery into a single compact unit.

ALERT prides itself on keeping up with the latest in technology and introduces the "Enterprise Transmitter".


Enterprise Transmitter Monitoring

The Enterprise Transmitter is a fully programmable GPRS transmitter that can be programmed to report any event from within the programming software.

The complexity of the Enterprise with its security checks and data validation is superior. The server can receive traffic from multiple Enterprise transmitters all simultaneously and forward them to the Monitoring Receiver. The Enterprise is perfect for all security applications, which include large access control panels, multiple partition areas, fire systems etc, etc.